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 Selling Your Insurance Agency?

sell my agency

I'll bet you have questions like...

“I'm ready to what?"

“How can I get the most for my agency?”

"Can I move forward without my 1) Employees 2) Clients or 3) Competitors finding out?"

"How will qualified buyers with money find me?"

"What happens to my employees or clients after the sale?"

"How can I run the agency and sell it at the same time?"

These are important questions, and you probably have many more.  Who you ask will determine the quality of the answers you receive.  That’s why it is important to ask a specialist in insurance agency sales.  Maverick Agency Consultants, LLC can help.  



You Deserve Answers

Are you thinking about selling your insurance agency or buying another one? Why take unnecessary risks, especially if you don't need to?  Get More. Get MAC. We're Insurance Agency Brokers with offices in Frisco, TX, just North of Dallas.  

MAC helps insurance agency owners (Sellers) sell their business quickly and discreetly to qualified buyers. Agency owners who use MAC simply Get More.  We deliver results by identifying insurance industry specific opportunities that many general business brokers don’t often look for.  Don't misunderstand me.  We don't feel we're "God's gift to Brokers", we just specialize in brokering insurance agencies and we own several ourselves.  We find Buyers using our growing network of Qualified and Contracted Buyers who are looking for agencies to buy and, more importantly, have the means to do so.

MAC also helps Buyers find insurance agencies for sale and shows them how to purchase agencies for less by accurately valuating the agency for sale and helping to identify hidden growth opportunities the Seller’s may not be aware of.  As a Contracted Buyer you will have a distinct advantage over any other potential buyer because Sellers will want to save money by selling to a Contracted Buyer.

Trust MAC to help you sell your insurance will mean more money in your pocket! 

  • Are you think about selling your agency now or in the next 12 months? If so, how will you begin this process?
  • What Exit Strategy options can you have, both before and after the sale?
  • If you had the power to avoid costly mistakes, would you?

We know you have a lot more questions.  As an agency owner, you have put your heart, sole, and God knows what else into your agency.  Therefore, we know that no "fancy consulting website" or "insurance agency listing" can capture everything you need to know about a business like MAC, so we also do it "the old fashion way".  We have live people!  Call us TODAY and see what I mean.  For better or worse, we are straight shooters who can get you started on a path leading to a successful insurance agency sale.

If you are a Seller, MAC's services cost you nothing up-front!* You don't pay us until we find you a Buyer, you agree on terms & your agency sells!  What do you have to lose?

If you are a Buyer, MAC can identify the biggest risks to you when buying an insurance agency if you contract with us. Who else is looking out for your best interests?  We have financing relationships that can help get the deal done, often times with less down payment from your pocket so you keep your liquid assets, well, liquid.  Score!

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MAC helps insurance agency owners Get More. (That's what we do).

Contact us today!  MAC can help you Get More for your insurance agency!

*MAC is a broker and charges a fee for service as outlined in our Sellers Agreement and our Buyers Agreement.  The fee is collected from the funds the Buyer transfers to the Seller to purchase the business.  Like a realtor, our fees are disclosed up-front and we pay to list and market the agency to potential buyers, including our own network of buyers.  Generally, the Seller only pays us once their agency sells!.  See our Sellers Agreement for details. 


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