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Get the help you need when selling your insurance agency from Maverick Agency Consultants LLC. Our team can provide assistance when you are ready to sell or buy an insurance agency.

Selling Agencies
Receive the most money possible when you consult with MAC to broker the sale of your P&C, Life, Health, Annuity or any other insurance agency. We'll stand by your side, on your side, to make sure you don't make common, costly mistakes when selling your agency.  From determining the value of your agency to finding a qualified Buyer to negotiating the price and terms of sale, MAC has your back! You could make an additional 10% or more when you choose MAC to broker the sale of your insurance agency.

Agency Valuation
Get back to your day-to-day business responsibilities sooner when you let us valuate your insurance agency to make the buying and/or selling process easier for you. A properly established value is the best way to start the process of selling anything.  If you are a Seller, we use our expertise and connections to help you Get More for your agency. If you are a Buyer, we will use our knowledge and skill to identify opportunities that general business brokers miss, that can save you or make you thousands! 

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Increase the income from your newly purchased agency right away when you work with MAC. When you hire us to represent you, we can help you determine a fair price while helping you structure your financing in a way that's best for you.  (We do not offer financing ourselves but we know some great companies who do or you can use your own.  Whatever is best for you.)   As a Buyer's representative the biggest thing MAC can do is help to minimize your risk when buying your new agency. For an additional cost, we can also help you with the transition process including the employees, accounting, company relationship, marketing, and/or cross selling.  We will even partner with you, literally, to be sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  We call it putting our money where our mouth is.  Please Note:  Every insurance agency transition will have rough patches, but experience has taught us how to either avoid or overcome many of them.  Choosing MAC is almost like having insurance for the sale of your insurance agency.


What's Better...More or Less?

P&C (both personal and commercial)





Medicare Supplement

Or any agency with some form of annual revenue stream. 

If You Are a Seller: MAC can help you get more money for your agency by properly valuating it and assisting the Buyer (if needed) to obtain financing options that can help them pay more for your agency because they put little or no money down.  Additionally, MAC will help to structure the purchase to protect you legally and contractually after the purchase is complete.  Click on our Seller Tab for more info 

If you are a Buyer: MAC can help you properly valuate the Texas insurance agency for sale and help you identify and avoid the common risks associated with an insurance agency purchase.  MAC can also help you find financing that will keep you from using up all of your liquid assets on a down payment.  Result: You have liquidity left over to put into your new agency or buy another one.  Click on our Buyer Tab for more info

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