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Maverick Agency Consultants, LLC (Lovingly referred to as MAC) is a Texas based Insurance Agency Brokerage and Consulting firm based in Frisco, just north of Dallas.  MACis in the business of fee-based insurance agency brokering.  The two managing partners have personal and professional experience going back to 1994 as property & casualty, annuity, health, LTC and life insurance agents and own several agencies themselves. 

One partner started in the trenches at a turn-and-burn captive Life Insurance office in Lubbock, TX where there is a 80% drop-out rate and turn-over is the norm.  He soon emerged a huge success selling life insurance and investments in West Texas.  After experiencing success in personal sales and then sales management, he was called on to develop independent life insurance, P&C and investment agency platforms for numerous local Texas Banks who wanted to either start an agency or increase productivity and efficiency in an existing agency.  He built his reputation by working harder, smarter and longer than his competition.  His clients love him for it.  

The other partner has spent time as a retail P&C, Life, Annuity and Securities rep and has almost 12 years experience working directly for an insurance company as an external  wholesaler to literally hundreds of agents and agencies in Texas, Florida, and California.  His experience consisted of meeting face-to-face with insurance agents and agency owners (both struggling and wildy successful agencies) and helping them to be more efficient and effective through offering sales ideas, marketing insight or best practices for running the agency.  His success in doing this led him to be the youngest Regional Sales Director (age 28) for a Fortune 1000 insurance company while being responsible for over 600 licensed agents and more than $200,000,000 of new premium coming from those agents since 2009. 

Since 2011, MAC's partners have purchased 5 P&C agencies throughout Texas and started one more from scratch!  MAC knows what to look out for and how to make your insurance agency Selling or Buying experience a favorable one. MAC's leadership went through 20+ full and partial sales processes to purchase those 5 agencies. Some of those sales processes were efficient, and some were complete disasters.  On the bright side, knowledge and experience was gained from both the successes and failures. From these experiences, the partners realized there could be a better way if someone were to specialize in insurance agencies.  MAC was formed.

Together MAC's partners have trained, coached, and mentored insurance agents and agencies, in 2 very different ways, with individual experience dating back as far as 1994 and almost 30 years of collective experience.  There seperate paths give them each a set of skills and perspective that compliment each other for the benefit of their clients, which are Sellers and Buyers of Insurance Agencies.  

In other words, Maverick Agency Consultants recognizes the hard work you have put into building your insurance agency and how valuable it really is.  Don't trust such an important event in your life to just anyone.  Get More with MAC.

A Word from the Partners:

MAC was started because of our own experience purchasing property & casualty insurance agencies here in Texas.  It was, well, painful.  There really aren’t that many resources devoted to the sale or purchase of an insurance agency here in Texas.  We also had a hard time determining who, if anyone, had our best interest at heart.  After purchasing a few agencies with the help of a few general business brokers, we learned a lot.  One of the things we learned was some brokers weren't concerned with the Seller (whom they represented most often) or the Buyer, but they were concerned with the transaction itself.  Luckily we were concerned about the Buyer (which was us) so we put a few extra safe-guards in place on our own to protect ourselves.  We are thankful we did. 

In addition, there were a few problems with some of the agencies we purchased, both on the Seller's side and the Buyer's side.  We feel these issues would have been relatively easy to spot had we known what we were looking for, or if someone was looking out for our best interest.  Keep in mind we had several years experience in agency start-up, training, management and development going into these agency purchases so we weren't starting from scratch.  With humility I will tell you that a few simple mistakes cost us thousands of dollars.  Hind-sight is 20/20 so we haven't made those same mistakes again.  We started MAC so other insurance agency Sellers and Buyers would not have to go through the same pain as we did if they sought our assistance. 

I truly believe that experience is the best teacher.  But sometimes the tuition is just too high!  (In our case, it cost us thousands). 

Let MAC help you avoid the same costly mistakes.

It's seems that very few situations in life offer a win-win scenario when it comes to large and very emotional transactions, like selling an insurance agency or buying an agency.  Since MAC doesn't charge any more than general business brokers, we feel like both the Seller and the Buyer are more informed and better prepared when using MAC as their broker.  We specialize in representing Sellers and Buyers of insurance agencies.     

When you want to sell your Texas insurance agency or buy a Texas agency…  

Call MAC.  We can help you Get More!


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