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Look at the beautiful rows of fresh crops growing on the farm you want to buy.  All that opportunity.  Before you buy, there is a lot to consider.  After you buy, there is work to be done.

Buying an insurance agency isn't all that different...uh...nevermind, it is quite a bit different.  But in either case it helps if you know what to look for.

The insurance agency Buyer has a whole different view of the process than an insurance agency Seller.  Rightly so.

The Seller wants to get the most money for their agency, while the Buyer wants to pay the least for an agency.  Can we agree on that?  Good. 

But what if a Seller actually saved money by choosing the right Buyer?  What if they saved 5% of the selling price?  Visit Buyer Click Here for details

Most Business Brokers, including us, represent the Seller to help them sell the agency and protect them during the transaction.  Ironically, it's the Buyer who needs to be more prepared going into the buy/sell transaction.  Now you can be with MAC's new Contracted Buyer Program.  We can be YOUR Broker, even as a Buyer!

Better quality insurance agencies sell for more they should.  And they’re worth it!

Despite what most banks will tell you...all insurance agencies are not created equal. 

There are a variety of factors that Maverick Agency Consultants looks at when determining the proper valuation of an agency. 

What if paying 2x was the same as paying 1.5x?

Seller wants $100,000 for an agency generating $50,000 in revenue.  After review, MAC finds $30,000 in additional potential revenue by digging deeper into the Seller's agency, knowing the Buyer's agency, and knowing a hell-of-a-lot about insurance agencies.  Doesn't t make sense to pay $100,000 now?    If you aren't happy when we find added revenue for you, sometimes 30%-60% more revenue, we are not the right Broker for you.


Buying an agency for 10% - 20% less than it’s really worth!   

Recent Example:
We did a valuation on a Texas insurance agency recently and we were working on behalf of the Buyer.  (We can work on behalf of the Buyer or the Seller, or both in certain scenarios where both parties know we are doing so).  The Buyer was frustrated because the Seller was set at 1.8x annual revenue as the selling price.  Remember, the Buyerhired us to review the price and terms, to double-check the agency he was considering.  We looked at the numbers and found something interesting, so naturally we took a second and third look to be sure we were correct.  The Seller, and the broker representing them, had missed something...something big.  The Buyer missed it too, but MAC found it.  The Buyer would actually receive $50,000 more per year from this agency then the Seller's broker advised.  The devil was in the details and it was details that cost the Seller thousands.  By the way, the Seller was asking $500,000 for the agency which was generating $280,000 in annual commissions.  An extra $50,000 annually represented an 18% increase in annual income to the agency which was a huge discovery for the benefit of our client.  

Result: We saved the Buyer $90,000 (1.8 x $50,000) or you could say, we identified an additional $50,000 per year he could put in his pocket, which ever way you choose to look at it.  (I'm impartial, I like the result either way). That general business broker was never an insurance agent and never owned an agency.  We are and we do.  If he was a specialist, he would have recognized his error right away, like we did.  There is a difference between working with a broker who specializes in the buying and selling of Texas insurance agencies, like MAC, and working with a general business broker who sells many types of businesses. 

Who do you want on your side?   


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How many other Sellers took home 15% less because they worked with a broker who wasn’t an insurance agency expert? 

How many Buyers had to walk away from a good deal because they had no idea what to look for? 

·        Are you looking to sell your insurance agency tomorrow or 24 months from now?

·        Are you going to buy an agency and want a second look?

·        Has the bank or financial institution turned you or your buyer away for no good reason?

·        Are you afraid of getting burned by an insurance agency seller?

·        Do you need help transitioning the agency you bought? 

Get More.  Get MAC.
 Buyer Services Include (added cost services):

      • Pre-sale agency valuation

      • Pre-sale employee profiling

      • Pre-sale revenue forecasting

      • Pre-sale risk forecasting and modeling

      • Structuring the purchase agreement to protect you, the Buyer, contractually

      • Identifying multiple cross-selling opportunities

      • Also see Agency Transition Tab




Maverick Agency Consultants was born because of situations like these. 





Fee Disclosure: Our normal fee for representing a Seller is collected at closing and is a percentage of the purchase price. This fee is 10% of the purchase price and will come from the Buyer at closing and rolled into the Buyers financing. (If we represented the Seller then we found the qualified Buyer)

Unlike the Seller, MAC must charge the Buyer for our services up front if we represent them. The main reason for this is there is alot of work involved in representing a Buyer and we are not protected if a Buyer backs out for any reason.  (I don't think this should come as a surprise to anyone so we hope you understand).  Buyers can utilize our expertise, often times even more than a Seller because of the risk involved when buying an insurance agency they may not know about. We offer services for Buyers, whether we are the Seller's Broker or not. Some of these Buyer services will have separate fees associated with specific services and Buyers can request a fee schedule at any time by e-mailing MAC at

Before we work with any Buyer (or Seller) we require their commitment to work with MAC in the form of our Buyer Agreement or Seller Agreement. This protects our intellectual property and proprietary strategies as well as yours during and after the transaction. Click the Buyer's Agreement to download it or e-mail us and we'll e-mail you a copy.

We will not consult with you without this completed and signed form. MAC would never ask you to provide your valuable services for free, so please do not ask us to do so.


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