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MAC Can Be Your Broker, As a Buyer!

NEW! Maverick Agency Consultants is now offering Broker Services for Buyer's!  This accomplishes a few very important things as it relates to Buyers.  Contracted Buyers (CB's) will have the following advantages:

  • MAC Sellers get up to 50% off their broker fee for selling to a Contracted Buyer! How's that for a huge advantage
  • CB's are 1st to be notified of new agency listings, which can be a huge benefit to any Buyer
  • CB's are "Pre-Approved" so Sellers know they are serious and prepared
  • CB's get MAC's knowledge and experience to help them through the buying process.  *This is the most valuable benefit.
  • CB's have access to our network of financing partners, specifically dealing with independent insurance agencies!
  • If MAC doesn't have the agency that's right for you, we'll find one specifically for you!

All you need to do is become a Contracted Buyer!  To start, fill out the form below and tell us a little about you by filling out the information below.  Once you've filled this out, we'll contact you to get a few more bits of information related to your ability to pay for an agency you'd like to purchase.  This is required. 


Buyers, please complete this quick Information form.  After you complete and submit this, we'll send you our Buyer Broker Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement so we can legally provide you with information you need for one or more of our listings.  Our standard Buyer Broker Fee is 5% of the total sales price, as outlined in our Buyer Broker Agreement.  (Buyer Broker Fee may be reduced on agencies over $2.5MM purchase price at MAC's sole discretion.  Ask an associate for details.)


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